A series of participatory theatre experiences allow audiences to immerse themselves in the art and science of Aeon. Each event takes place in an unseen stage of the Aeon story and features cast members from the web series alongside scientists from the University of Manchester..

Join The Miracle

Premiered at Manchester Science Festival 2016

A mystery virus is infecting the population. Time’s running out. Half the city will die. Can you work with scientists to save a young journalist? Aeon is an exciting, fast paced viral outbreak scenario which fuses real life science and drama at the state of the art Arcadia Life Sciences facility. Save the journalist or save yourselves – you must choose. Then meet real life scientists working on the front line of infectious diseases like Ebola, Zika, SARS and HIV, as specialists reveal what viruses are and how they’re analysed.

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Premiered at Manchester Science Festival 2017

A deadly contagion grips Arcadia Life Sciences, and members of the public are urgently needed to help scientists identify the carrier of the virus behind the pandemic. This event stars Paul Warriner (World’s End, Inspector George Gently) and Angela Costello (Churchill), blending theatre with real science to show you all about the science of contagion. You’ll be guided through the event to uncover viral traces, working your way towards the source of the contagion: Patient X.

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Part of Manchester Science Festival 2018

19th October 2018

7pm - 8.15pm

20th October 2018

11.30am - 12.45pm
1.30pm - 2.45pm
3.30pm - 4.45pm

The Medical School, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PT.

You’re an investor taking a tour of Halcyen's cloning facility. Outside, a protest is underway against the ethics of genetic experimentation.

Welcome to Aeon, an immersive theatre experience exploring a future when gene editing means we can not only cure diseases, but clone humans. 

As you are confronted by protesters demanding an end to what they see as unethical creation of sentient beings, the situation grows tense, and you’ll come face to face to face with the moral complexities of medical testing - and with the clones whose release may pose a risk to all of humanity.

Book now: tickets £8 / £6 from Manchester Science Festival